About Me

I am a Game and Level Designer and a senior student in Software Engineering who has worked in various game projects and workshops both on my own and in a team. Most of these experiences involved the use of C# and Unity. In these projects, I covered different roles such as Game Designer, Technical Designer, Level Designer, and Programmer.

In all my games, I focus on developing elegant and deep designed experience keeping every element connected to offer to the end-users meaningful experiences

Coherencecohesionelegance, and depth are my Core Pillars, firmly believing that no elements should be added if not necessary for improving the game.

I also love designing games that leave something to the audience: a particular idea, interesting mechanics, a view into more deep themes, a chance to reflect and improve, and much more. The only boundaries are the respect for the product and the players.

Everything mentioned above requires an intense focus on crafting the Game Learning Experience. Great efforts should always be spent towards the development of challenges and occasions in which the players can expand their skills repertoire gradually and fairly. This is mainly accomplished by Level Design defined as the arrangement of player, level, and enemy elements to create gameplay challenges, communicate ideas and narrative, and convey experiences.

Harbrus Games is the name I use for branding my games and other works. I am the only member but I often do collaborations with other developers for producing greater and larger products.

If you want to get in touch, instead, you can send me an email asortino11@gmail.com (personal email), write at the brand email: harbrus@outlook.com, or reach me at any of the social media linked above.