About Me

I am a game designer and game design consultant with a speciality in game, level, and narrative design. I work in the gaming industry and as a freelancer in my spare time for indie developers and studios.

In everything I craft, I put particular attention on the players’ learning experience. Great efforts should always be spent towards the development of challenges and moments in which the players can expand their repertoire of skills gradually and fairly.

Another important aspect for me is being able to analyse and precisely discuss games. I firmly believe that language is a powerful tool in this field. Indeed, by using a clear and consistent linguistic framework, you will be able to understand game design for the ultimate purpose of creating better end-user experiences.

I also value the social and cultural aspect of video games. Whenever I can, I try to put in games something special for the audience: a particular idea, interesting mechanics, a view into deeper themes, and a chance to reflect and improve. The only boundaries are the respect for the product and the players.

I am a designer at Outplay, a freelancer, consultant, and part of the core team of Design Oriented, a learning community that focuses on game design and related skills. We teach design through communal learning and our proprietary curriculum.

If you want to get in touch, you can send me an email at asortino11@gmail.com (personal email), write at the brand email harbrus@outlook.com, or reach me at any of the social media linked above.

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