Other Projects

Other than games, I worked on several projects as a Software Engineer (professional and student work), as a Narrative Designer and Writer (short-stories, adventure and story bible for RPGs, and Tabletop RPG rulebook), and content creator on Youtube.

I am also the founder of a Game Development Learning Hub on Discord.

Time Lapse Photography of Blue Lights
You can find the source-code of my projects on GitHub
Painting, Knight, Night, Oil Paints, Fantasy, Moon
You can find my writing pieces and stories on Google Drive.
You can find my videos in Italian on Narrative, Mythology, RPG Design, and Dungeon Mastering on YouTube [2]
If you are interested in learning about any discipline of Game Development and/or mentoring other people join us on discord [1]


[1] Artwork by Doroteaa “Rodory” Lanza
[2] Digital Imaging and editing made by me in Adobe Photoshop CC, but all rights for the materials to Wizard of the Coast