I am Andrea, an Italian professional game, level, and narrative designer, producer, and game design consultant living in Edinburgh (UK). I firmly believe that language is a powerful tool in this field. Indeed, by using a clear and consistent linguistic framework, I refined my understanding of game design for the ultimate purpose of creating better experiences. I have developed a deep understanding of various game genres from classic retro style games to more modern 3D games. My personal favourites are platfomers and puzzle games. I also have a Software Engineering degree, I like writing, cooking, drawing, and travelling. Currently, I am a game designer at Outplay, a freelancer, and a consultant in various projects.


Design & Production

– Game Direction & Production
– System Design
– 2D/3D Level Design
– Combat/Encounter Design
– Game Balance
– Narrative Design
– Rapid Prototyping (Unity and Paper)
– Documentation
– Team Management
– Project Management (Agile/Scrum)

Programming & Software

– C#
– Unity
– Maya
– Unreal
– Adobe Photoshop
– Version Control, JIRA, Confluence
– Spreadsheet, Google Workspace
– Notion

Recent Projects

2.5D Puzzle-Platform Level Prototype – Personal Project

Summary: I have made a 2.5D puzzle-platform level prototype based on the game INSIDE (Playdead). The level is intended to be placed in the first part of the game when all the basic mechanics (move, jump, push, and so on) have been already introduced.
Duties: Level Design, Puzzle Design, Gameplay Scripts, Unity (Corgi Engine)
Time-frame: 30 May 2021 – 9 June 2021 (about 30 hours).
Design Document | Video | Play

Mystery Match Village Gameplay | Android Puzzle Game - YouTube

Mystery Match VillageOutplay Entertainment

Summary: I have been working remotely on Mystery Match Village as a part of the design team. My main duties include making levels for the Match-3 puzzle part of the game as well as documentation, levels review, and balance. I have made ~100 levels so far and still creating them.
Duties: Level Design, Documentation, Balance
Time-frame: January 2021 – Ongoing

Stranded Eternity – Freelance

Summary: Stranded Eternity is an upcoming 2D twin-stick shooter roguelike game. I covered various duties in the project so far including the design of a boss fight, general feedback to improve the game, equipment (stones), powerups, and scenario challenges (events). The game is in alpha. You can watch a video gameplay at this link (1:41 to see a boss I designed “Killer Rose”).
Duties: Game Design, Enemy Design, Consultancy
Team Size: TBA
Time-frame: November 2020 – Ongoing

Level Design Dissertation – Personal Project

Summary: This dissertation investigates the effects of design patterns and principles on players’ navigation in 3D action-adventure games. Two levels have been designed for this project to conduct A/B testing on a pool of 20 participants in order to evaluate the efficacy of the design choices and level layout on influencing players’ decisions.
Duties: Research, Level Design, Programming, Writing
Team Size: Solo
Time-frame: January 2020 – December 2020

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Unannounced Puzzle GameLucid Labs Ltd, Freelance

Summary: I worked as main level designer at Lucid Labs for a game in the puzzle genre. I have made a total of 74 levels, planned the learning and difficulty curve of the game, given feedback/suggestion on mechanics and rules, and iterated my work based on feedback.
Duties: Level Design, Game Design, Balance, Consultancy
Team Size: TBA
Time-frame: July 2020 – December 2020

Level Design WorkshopDesign Oriented

Summary: The Mario Maker Workshop (MMW) was organized by an online game design school, Design Oriented, that operates as a community. We used Super Mario Maker 2 as a platform to rapidly test and share ideas. During the workshop, I learned more about level design and game design through lessons and by creating levels in respect of Nintendo’s design principles and techniques.
Duties: Game Analysis, Research, Level Design, Feedback
Team Size: Solo and Team Projects
Time-frame: July 2019 – December 2019
Design Process

Cyber Alex – Personal Project

Summary: Cyber Alex is a 2D sci-fi action side-scroller game where you play as an engineer in a world dominated by robots. I created the design and documentation of the game, a boss fight, and 4 levels featuring metroidvania and Megaman influences. I also managed and directed the whole team. We used Unity & C# as technology.
Duties: Leading, Game and Level Design, Project Management
Team Size: 4
Time-frame: January 2019 – June 2019
Design Process | Video

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