I am an Italian Game Developer living in Scotland with a speciality in Game and Level Design. I firmly believe in the power of language when talking about games. Indeed, only by using a clear and consistent linguistic framework you will be able to understand Game Design for the ultimate purpose of creating better end-user experiences. I have also a Software Engineering background, I like to write, and I am a Game Designer and member of the staff of the Design Oriented community.

You can contact me at asortino11@gmail.com



– System Design
– 2D/3D Level Design
– Combat/Encounter Design
– Game Balance
– Narrative Design
– Rapid Prototyping


– C#
– HTML, CSS, Sass
– Java
– C++


– Unity
– Maya
– Unreal
– Adobe Photoshop
– Version Control
– Google Workspace

Recent Projects

Level Design Dissertation

Summary: This dissertation investigates the effects of design patterns and principles on players’ navigation in 3D action-adventure games. Two levels have been designed for this project to conduct A/B testing on a pool of 20 participants in order to evaluate the efficacy of the design choices and level layout on influencing players’ decisions.
Role: Level Designer, Programmer, and Writer
Team Size: Solo
Time-frame: January 2020 – December 2020
Links to the levels and dissertation will be available in December 2020. Feel free to ask for a preview of the work.

Unannounced Puzzle Game

Summary: I am currently working as a level designer at Lucid Labs. I am creating levels for a game in the puzzle genre.
Role: Level Designer
Team Size: TBA
Time-frame: TBA (Started in July 2020)

Level Design Workshop (Mario Maker 2)

Summary: The Mario Maker Workshop (MMW) is a free, online game design school that operates as a community. We use Super Mario Maker 2 as a platform to rapidly test and share ideas. The workshop teaches level design and game design lessons using a unique communal learning method.
Role: Level Designer
Team Size: Solo and Team Projects
Time-frame: July 2019 – December 2019
Design Process | Workshop Page

Cyber Alex

Summary: Cyber Alex is a 2D sci-fi action side-scroller game where you play as an engineer in a world dominated by robots. I created the design and documentation of the game, as well as 4 levels and a boss fight featuring metroidvania and Megaman influences.
Roles: Project Leader, Game and Level Designer
Technologies: Made with Unity & C#
Team Size: 4
Time-frame: January 2019 – June 2019
Design Process | Video

Dig It

Summary: Dig It is a 2D top-down action game where the player controls a greedy dwarf who ventures into maze-like, haunted mines. I was the game designer and programmer of a team of 2 people. During the project, I learned more about top-down action game design.
Roles: Game Designer and Programmer
Technologies: SFML, Box2D, and C++
Team Size: 2
Time-frame: January 2019 – May 2019
Design Process | Download

Eternal Bond

Summary: Eternal Bond is a 3D isometric action game where you play as a Skeleton who swore to protect her beloved for eternity. 
Roles: Game Designer and Programmer
Technologies: Unity & C#
Team Size: 1
Time-frame: May 2019
Design Process | Download